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02 September 2008 @ 07:15 pm
Declan/Miranda Fanvid: Saints and Angels  
azarsuerte encouraged me to post this here. Enjoy.

Saints and Angels (high quality WMV) (high quality AVI)
Artist: Sarah Evans
Category: Romance, Declan Dunn/Miranda Feigelsteen
Fandom: Mysterious Ways
Concept: "Love has the grace to save us."
Notes: Made for Azarsuerte, on the occasion of her birthday, because I saw she'd requested this a long time ago. Only available in high quality for now. Low quality may become available later. Contains clips from "The Gray Lady," "Spirit Junction," "The Ties That Bind," "Demons," "Handshake," "Reason to Cry," "The Greater Good," "Yesterday," "19A," "John Doe #28" "One of Us," "29," "The Last Dance," "Free Spirit," "Spark of Life," "Face in the Crowd," "Logan Miller," and "Muti".
Info: HQ WMV--640x480, 20.6 MB unzipped, 20.4 MB zipped. HQ AVI--XviD encoded, 576x368, 17.5 MB unzipped, 17.1 zipped.