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The Greater Good -- Help?

Hello everyone!

I've been a Mysterious Ways fan since it first started airing in 2000--when I was only twelve years old! I was so sad when it was canceled, sent all kinds of e-mails trying to save it, and grew even more upset when it was never released on DVD. I was so glad to find torrents circulating the 'net recently, because my old taped VHS copies leave something to be desired. I hope they release DVDs someday, though. :( I've been having an amazing time rewatching the series. I had forgotten just how much I love it!

I was just wondering--does anyone happen to have a digital copy of the US broadcast version of The Greater Good, at all? Or have any idea of where to find it? It turns out the torrent pack I have only has the Canadian version, but I preferred the insert song in the US version (Latter Days), and seeing as this is probably my favorite episode in the series it would be good to have the one I remember. If all else fails, I have it on VHS tape recorded off of TV, but I would love a digital copy if anyone has it or has any idea where to find it. Thanks! Absolutely any help on this would be appreciated.

I hope to be lurking around here and maybe comment every now and then. :D
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Mysterious Ways Promotional or Publicity photos?

Does anyone have any promotional or publicity pictures from Mysterious Ways? I'm trying to make some DVD Cover Art, but I'm having trouble finding good quality pictures. I've looked all over online, but I haven't been able to find much...everything I've found isn't much bigger than a thumbnail. :( So if anyone has any pictures, or knows of a website that has some, I'd sure appreciate it if you could share! Thanks a million! :)

Declan/Miranda Fanvid: Saints and Angels

azarsuerte encouraged me to post this here. Enjoy.

Saints and Angels (high quality WMV) (high quality AVI)
Artist: Sarah Evans
Category: Romance, Declan Dunn/Miranda Feigelsteen
Fandom: Mysterious Ways
Concept: "Love has the grace to save us."
Notes: Made for Azarsuerte, on the occasion of her birthday, because I saw she'd requested this a long time ago. Only available in high quality for now. Low quality may become available later. Contains clips from "The Gray Lady," "Spirit Junction," "The Ties That Bind," "Demons," "Handshake," "Reason to Cry," "The Greater Good," "Yesterday," "19A," "John Doe #28" "One of Us," "29," "The Last Dance," "Free Spirit," "Spark of Life," "Face in the Crowd," "Logan Miller," and "Muti".
Info: HQ WMV--640x480, 20.6 MB unzipped, 20.4 MB zipped. HQ AVI--XviD encoded, 576x368, 17.5 MB unzipped, 17.1 zipped.

Another newbie here!


I have recently started watching Mysterious Ways, and am SO hooked. Such a shame it is only two seasons though. I'd love to meet other fans to discuss episodes and would really like to read any fic that's out there. There doesnt seem to be much around, and i'll be forced to write my own otherwise, lol! I must admit that i am not usually a shipper, but really see Declan and Miranda together! :-) 

When I look at the shows I like there does seem to be a concurrent theme - investigating unusal things. lol - wish that could be my job in RL!

Anyways, i know i'm pretty late in the game to start watching this show, so hope that they'll be some others still around to share my new interest! 


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YouTube Love

Newbie Post!

Greetings! :D I'm afraid I'm one of those fans who made her way her way here because of my obsession interest in seeing everything else Adrian Pasdar has ever done. I fell pretty hard for both him, as well as Nathan Petrelli. And as the fine actor he is, I knew there had to be other incredible performances he's given in the past. I've wanted to see Mysterious Ways as soon as I read that Adrian was the lead, but being how it isn't on DVD yet, I was out of luck. And then I found a friend had it and there ya go. :D Just have seen one episode, but I already love it. Love how Declan, especially, already is a fleshed out character. He has his quirks. But, it's more than that: he's worked in. That's such a testament to Adrian's ability: he looks comfortable in whatever role he's in. This is the most friendly, most unrestricted I've seen of his characters. Usually, they're so tight (and the suits don't help, either *L*), in both a physical and emotional sense. But Declan is just "this is how I am." And there's a bit of befuddled intellectual in him, too. Very much reminds me of Daniel Jackson, on Stargate: SG-1, but more self-confident about himself. And, weirdly, I'm getting this David Hewlett vibe from Declan, too.

So...that's where I am right now. :) Hopefully will be watching ep 2 today!
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Doctor Who - Martha

In case any of you didn't know...

...Adrian Pasdar has been videotaping his Heroes co-stars and putting the clips up on YouTube here.

From the videos, I have come to the conclusion that Adrian not only played Declan, he IS Declan, because that is exactly the sort of thing Declan would do! *giggle*
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Doctor Who - Martha

FIC: "Busman's Honeymoon" 1/1

I don't know how many people are actually *watching* this comm anymore, but I wrote MW fic for a challenge so I thought I'd share it. :-)

Title: Busman's Honeymoon
Author: Azar
Fandom: Mysterious Ways with a dash of Indiana Jones
Spoilers: post-series, but nothing specific except for "The Greater Good"
Rating: PG
Author's Note: Written for medie, who requested "Mysterious Ways, Declan/Miranda, the honeymoon." Features her OC, Carolina Jones (granddaughter to Indiana *g*) in a minor role.
Pairing: Declan/Miranda
Disclaimer: No one in this story is mine except for a certain understandably grouchy priest. *g* Declan and Miranda belong to Lion's Gate and Peter O'Fallon, the never-seen-but-mentioned Grandpa Jones to Steven Spielberg, and Carolina to Medie (see here for her origins). :-) Title is shamelessly stolen from Dorothy Sayers.
Summary: There are worse ways to spend a honeymoon.

Busman's Honeymoon
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Doctor Who - Martha


Okay, I know it's been ages since anyone actually talked here, but I'm hoping some of us are still watching the comm, at least! And I think it's safe to assume at least some of you are watching Heroes for Adrian. If you are, please let me know!

Here's why--I'm currently in the process of writing a Mysterious Ways/Heroes crossover for the whackapetrelli challenge (Heroes spoilers in the comm header, so don't follow the link if you haven't seen past "Homecoming"), and I need a beta reader. Now, I already asked on the Nathan Petrelli comm, but it occurs to me that there are probably a lot fewer people there who have seen Mysterious Ways than there likely are here who are watching Heroes!

The story is AU for Heroes, post-series for MW, Declan/Miranda, and canon 'ships for Heroes. Anybody willing to give it a look? :-)
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