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05 October 2007 @ 12:12 pm
Newbie Post!  
Greetings! :D I'm afraid I'm one of those fans who made her way her way here because of my obsession interest in seeing everything else Adrian Pasdar has ever done. I fell pretty hard for both him, as well as Nathan Petrelli. And as the fine actor he is, I knew there had to be other incredible performances he's given in the past. I've wanted to see Mysterious Ways as soon as I read that Adrian was the lead, but being how it isn't on DVD yet, I was out of luck. And then I found a friend had it and there ya go. :D Just have seen one episode, but I already love it. Love how Declan, especially, already is a fleshed out character. He has his quirks. But, it's more than that: he's worked in. That's such a testament to Adrian's ability: he looks comfortable in whatever role he's in. This is the most friendly, most unrestricted I've seen of his characters. Usually, they're so tight (and the suits don't help, either *L*), in both a physical and emotional sense. But Declan is just "this is how I am." And there's a bit of befuddled intellectual in him, too. Very much reminds me of Daniel Jackson, on Stargate: SG-1, but more self-confident about himself. And, weirdly, I'm getting this David Hewlett vibe from Declan, too.

So...that's where I am right now. :) Hopefully will be watching ep 2 today!
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Jen the Fangirl: Nathan and Mohinderfangirljen on October 18th, 2007 07:27 pm (UTC)
They would totally be friends! :D Associates in their strangeness.

I'm thinking more David Hewlett and less Rodney McKay. Some of Adrian's vocal inflections with Declan strongly remind me of Hewlett. I don't understand it and think I might be seeings things, but it's what I was hearing. *L*

Yay for crossovers!